Different Types of Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment refers to large vehicles used for construction, mining and forestry purposes that feature wheels or tracks with an operator cab for convenient control. Furthermore, specific attachments may also be installed for different functions.

Preventing major issues through routine inspection and maintenance is the best way to keep them from cropping up in the first place. Small flaws or normal wear and tear can be detected and repaired during these appointments.


The bulldozer is an iconic piece of construction equipment best known for leveling structures, but it serves many other functions as well. One such purpose is constructing fire lines during California’s wildfire season – digging trenches and clearing massive amounts of brush allows firefighters to stay ahead of flames, saving many acres, buildings, and lives in the process detectmind.

Bulldozers are tracked vehicles equipped with large blades at their front for digging, pushing, and leveling purposes. Available in an array of sizes to meet individual requirements, bulldozers may feature tracks or tires depending on your specifications and may push heavy objects that weigh as much as their specs allow.

Bulldozer’s front blade can be adjusted to suit the terrain, angling up to 30 degrees left or right for digging, ripping, grading and stripping tasks. Not only are bulldozers used for construction projects; they’re often employed as combat engineering units armed with armor for protection.

Motor Grader

Motor graders are pieces of heavy equipment commonly seen on construction sites, serving primarily to create smooth surfaces during road building projects and providing flat and smooth surfaces for other purposes. Proper maintenance of this machine is vital in order for it to operate at its peak performance capacity.

Motor graders stand out from other graders by featuring an adjustable blade situated between its two wheels at each end, accessible via steering wheel in its operator cabin and easily adjusted via its flexible connection points. This feature makes it easier for operators to maneuver this machine into small spaces where traditional rigid frame graders would not fit.

Motor graders come equipped with both blade and scarifier attachments for improved road resurfacing work, but scarifiers provide additional versatility in softening tough pavement surfaces that the grader blade is incapable of cutting through. Scarifiers are especially useful when repairing roads damaged beyond repair that have become hard pavement over time koiusa.


Telehandlers are multipurpose pieces of machinery used on construction sites, farms and industrial areas to transport and lift heavy loads with various attachments. When combined with specific tools they can become lift trucks, cherry pickers, tractor loads, wheel loaders or skid-steer loaders.

Popular among industry professionals for their ability to reach high places that other equipment cannot reach, like unloading palletized cargo from trailers and placing it on rooftops, or carrying materials over uneven footing – making them invaluable in outdoor environments.

Telehandlers are multipurpose machines that can reduce the number of machines needed onsite and save both time and effort, but require special skills to operate safely and efficiently. Telehandler rental is therefore an excellent option to reduce maintenance and repair costs as well as injury risks when working on high-rise buildings.

Feller Buncher

Feller Bunchers are attachments on motorized heavy-duty forestry vehicles designed to cut and gather trees before felling them, which can be useful when large groups of trees need to be removed immediately (such as on building sites or national forests) without disrupting nearby vegetation or during thinning work.

The cutter head can be adjusted to accommodate different tree sizes, cutting both dense growths and individual trunks. You can even add a bunching head to reduce handling time by quickly gathering several trees at once.

A Cat B457 track feller buncher like those offered at Pape Machinery, Construction and Forestry is ideal for plantation thinning, biomass harvesting and medium-production select or clear cut applications. The non-level harvesting platform offers leading lift capacity, swing torque and drawbar power while its spacious cab ensures operator comfort while field-proven components provide unrivaled serviceability.

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