Why Is There a US Department of Education?

Livemocha Why is the US Department of Education necessary? The first DOE was set up in 1865 to address issues of education funding and standards. In the decades since, however, the Department of Education has become more politicized. Politicians often turn small policy matters into philosophical battles over the nature of government. Ultimately, national bipartisan reforms of education often turn into political flashpoints. Even so, the issues that inspired the first DOE have not gone away. It took another century before a president tried to create a department in the first place zoopy

hyves The Department of Education returned to the public scene in the 1970s when President Jimmy Carter claimed that the country needed a full-fledged Cabinet department to make federal education programs more accountable and efficient. Yet, two-thirds of House members opposed the legislation, leading critics to speculate that Carter’s opposition to the bill was political payback. Yet, in spite of his opposition, Carter would eventually win the election as the first president endorsed by the National Education Association. And the Republican Party used this issue to support its platform for 20 years iwiw

Why Is There a US Department of Ed? – The Department of Education is a federal agency tasked with ensuring that the American people are given access to quality education. In fact, the Department of Education has several roles, each with its own focus and mission. Among these duties, the department administers federal financial aid to students and collects data on schools. Lastly, the Department of Education works to prevent discrimination and ensure equal access to education. kiwibox

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